Buddy Bath


Chewie, a golden agouti and white neutered male, and Totoro, a 4 year old un-neutered male, were introduced recently in the hopes that they could become buddies and keep each other happy.  Things haven’t gone quite so well on land so we decided to try the “Buddy Bath” approach suggested on Cavy Spirit’s “Social Life” webpage.

“Help! Let me out of here! A crazy lady put us both in this big tub and is putting yucky shampoo on us!What?? I can’t come out of here unless I promise to be nicer to Totoro and apologize? No way!!!! “

“Maybe I can get out of here if I can just climb up this grid. The Crazy Lady will see how desperate and cute I look and surely let me out of here.”

“I’m still waiting... I’m not apologizing....  Hmmm.. I’m getting hungry. I think it’s been days since I’ve eaten. What? It’s only been eight minutes!  And you’re still not letting me out until I apologize?”

“Fine... I apologize Totoro.   I promise not to chase you and harrass you all the time. That’s not good enough? OK, I won’t chase you except for some of the time. Like when I can see you.”

“Sniffle, sniffle... I’m so glad that my horrible ordeal is over! “

“See! We’re friends now!”

“Aren’t I adorable under this cute green stool? The Crazy Lady said I can’t have a Pigloo until she knows I’m going to be nice ... like all of the time. Something about me blocking Totoro inside the Pigloo and not letting him out.  It’s like she doesn’t trust me!”

“Look Mom, we’re friends!”

“I’m even going to share my hay with Totoro - so long as he waits until I’m done eating... which is never....  Fine - he can eat too.”