Cavy House - Helpful Links Great website for information about medical issues and general care.  - Great website for locating whatever you need for your piggies.  Also contains ratings etc. - Best pellets and hay available; order online and it’s delivered to your door. - Very nice custom guinea pig beds etc. - Custom made cage blankets, hammocks, huts etc Guinea Pig Education, Rescue, and Adoption  If you don't have a cage yet, take a look here. You can build a cage that is over 24" wide and up to 6' long for around $35-40. These are available for purchase from our rescue for basically our costs.  See our “Cages” page for more info.

This Little Piggy Marketplace - Very good online website featuring a wide variety of guinea pig supplies, including cage supplies, health items, feed, water bottles, food bowls, carrying cages and boxes, scales (very good idea to weigh your piggy weekly), nail clippers, syringes, books, calendars, toys, and even a guinea pig street sign that reads "Guinea Pig Street". Part of the proceeds from this site go to support a guinea pig rescue (not Cavy House).  - If you want to buy guinea pig T-shirts, magnets etc. I haven't tried them but thought I'd include it.

A few links I found recently... - Guinea pig Adoption Network

Guinea Pig Compendium - Collection of Cavy links

Guinea Pig Forums  : A GREAT website with a lot of very help, cavy-savy contributors. You can ask specific questions about your guinea pig and get a lot of help. This is a pro-rescue site.


Humane Society of Silicon Valley : Working in partnership with Petco of Saratoga and Sunnyvale to place adoptable, rescued guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and mice into forever homes.

SFACC - San Francisco Animal Care and Control : Good shelter. For more up-to-date listing of available pets, click here. - Many shelter and rescue listings but many shelters don’t list on Petfinder - Most shelters will list their animals here.

Marin Humane Society : Another great shelter who often has guinea pigs

Andy’s Pet Shop - Features rescued pets for adoption along with good quality feed and merchandise.