Cages and Cage Supplies

Most rescues, including ours, require a cage that is a minimum of 7.5 square feet on one level.  Guinea pigs stay healthier and happier and they are much more enjoyable to their owners. We recommend C&C cages and the Midwest Guinea Habitat (both shown below). The C&C cages are a little sturdier while the Midwest Guinea Habitats are easy to store and transport.  Rat and chinchilla cages that have multiple-levels with steep, wire ramps are not meant for guinea pigs. The wire ramps hurt their feet. Guinea pigs don't climb as well and can fall.

Note: Discount for habitat setups:  "For Other Living Things" on Mary in Sunnyvale will take 20% off your purchase and donate $10 to our rescue if you bring in their coupon and adoption papers from us within 30 days of your adoption.  We have the coupons here or you can get them from For Other Living Things.

C&C Cages: Cubes and Coroplast:

Make it yourself for around $35 (see;

You can also order the kits online ( but shipping can double the cost. To make one of these cages, you need a sheet of coroplast (plastic cardboard) and a box of grids that can be purchased online from Walmart  ( click on Walmart storage cubes ) and picked up from their store. We generally have supplies available to make these and can help you get started on the construction. It generally costs $35-40 (not including lid)  to get it from us.

Grids are sometimes available at Costco and Bed, Bath and Beyond. You can add a lid by using Closet Maid shelving.

Target has changed the style of some of their grids and are no longer safe for guinea pigs. Only Target grids that have 9 holes per row (not 5 or 8 holes) are safe. (Ask us for details)

For locations where you can find coroplast, please scroll down to the bottom.



Midwest Guinea Habitat

Midwest is now making a guinea pig cage that is 2' x 4'. It can also be ordered with a lid. They are not quite as sturdy as C&C cages but some people prefer the ease of a kit. We recommend putting some Coroplast in the bottom to helpd preserve the bottom. If we have a spare piece, we will give one to adopters when they're here. Cavy House generally has one of these cages available to adopters for $35 - $50 (depends on what we paid for it). They can be purchased at "For Other Living Things" in Sunnyvale or ordered online. When last checked, these cages could be purchased online from 3 places:

This Little Piggy Marketplace  $50 plus shipping. But shipping is free if you order other things in the same order. This is also a great website for all guinea pig related items, as they only carry products beneficial to guinea pigs

All Pet Furniture :   $55.99 plus shipping. Shipping is free on orders over $69

Amazon.Com : $35.99 plus shipping


Sources of Coroplast : Prices range from $9.75 to $48 for one 4' x 8' sheet.

GE Polymershapes   (price was $9.75 plus tax in 2/2009)
2250 Zanker Rd, Ste B
San Jose
California 95131

TAP Plastics  (Prices were $24 in early 2008)
1212 The Alameda
San Jose
California 95126

Product Sign Supplies
625 Emory Street
San Jose
408 294 5823

FastSigns  (One FastSigns shopped quoted me $48 for one sheet)
1640 S. Bascom Ave. Ste. C
San Jose
California 95124


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